Coricafé was founded in 1965 as an independent Coffee Exporter by Klaus Ronning, Otto Kloeti, and Uwe Thormaehlen. Very soon Mr Ronning left, while both Don Uwe and Don Otto went on to be recognized with the Coffee Merit Medal, the highest honor that the coffee community grants to one of its members.

We have come a long way from the 10’000 bags that were shipped to Europe on that first year. We no longer communicate via coded telegrams (ACME or private codes) A new generation has arrived But what hasn’t changed is our commitment to perform with excellence both towards our customers and our suppliers. Since only this has allowed us to remain in business for so many years.

A brief Summary:

1965 Coricafe is founded

1968 Built its first dry mill in Tuetal de Alajuela

1987 A new generation arrives, Mr Eric Thormaehlen joins the firm

1997 Our current facilities in Rio Segundo de Alajuela are acquired. We are one of only two exporters who own their own dry mill.

2010 Our Founder Uwe Thormaehlen is awarded the Medal to the Coffee Merit