The Team

Nothing can be achieved alone, everything is a team effort. From the operator of the sorting machines to the trader, we at Coricafe work very hard to achieve the flawless execution that is our goal.

Don Uwe, our founder, arrived to Costa Rica from his native Germany in 1959 . Decades later in recognition to a life devoted to the coffee business he was awarded the highest honor that the coffee community in Costa Rica can present to one of its members, The Medal to the Coffee Merit. Coricafe still adhere to the strong ethic that Don Uwe used as a pillar of his enterprise building.

Eric was born into coffee and after finishing his education in Germany he joined the family business in 1987. Conscious of the responsibility that comes with assuming the challenge of perpetuating the leadership role of Coricafe among the changing environment of our industry, he is the current President of the Costarrican exporters association having served also in the Board of Directors of the Costa Rica Coffee Institute (ICAFE)
Stefan, who started in the coffee business in 1990, even if a native costarrican, gained extensive international experience before joining us in 2003.

He worked in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico and Honduras before returning to Costa Rica. A certified Q grader, Stefan won Sintercafe´s cupping competition in 2010.

We are proud of the professionalism of all the members of our team and above all of the passion that we all share for what we do. We serve after all the leading roasters of the world, helping them bring to the most demanding consumers the unique flavor of Café de Costa Rica.

Coffee Merit Medal Front

Coffee Merit Medal Back