Our Services

We try to find and match the coffee that fulfills your needs: From the micro lots of the coffee auctions to the environmentally certified. We are proud of the fact that two of the most recognized coffee estates in Costa Rica (Candelaria and Bellavista) have selected us as their exclusive shipper.

We also handle coffee from cooperatives, with whom we have a very close relationship. Identified under different names we ship coffees worldwide. Most of these brands have been in use for decades, a fact that speaks a lot about the consistency that each one has within its profile.

Among those we can mention:

  • Corifina – SHB
  • Cerro Azul – Tarrazu
  • Coristar – Fancy SHB
  • Santa Monica –Central Valley Fancy SHB

Allow us to help you meet your needs of costarrican coffee!